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We have always received great service and computer related expertise from Jim Williamson.

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Map - Local AreaOn-Site Service: The Greater Fort Collins Colorado area

You're in the primary coverage area if you're within a twenty minute drive from the Harmony & College intersection. There is no "trip charge" within this area.

If you're outside the primary coverage area, I'm still willing to visit you, though I do charge for the drive time. The clock starts when I leave the office and runs through the drive to your location and your appointment. At the end of the appointment the clock stops and "I pay for" the return trip.

Should you be in this secondary coverage area and wish to reduce the trip charge - have me work at a neighbors house when I come to work at yours. I'll rightfully split the trip cost.

The Greater Fort Collins Colorado Communities

US MapRemote Service: Telephone and Internet

Anywhere with telephone or Internet access.

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