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My story begins eleven (11) years (or more?) with a visit to my very good friend  and the father of one of Jim's College classmates. My friend, who later moved to MI, told me about Jim saying he lived in Fort Collins, supported his technical needs remotely and I should use him. Living in Rist Canyon, NW of Fort Collins, I was intrigued. Soon thereafter, a technical need occurred so I contacted Jim for help. (Let me digress a moment. I've served as the first line IT support in four companies so I  am not computer illiterate. Rather, I know enough to be dangerous, and sometimes get myself into trouble!) Bottom line, with our first remote encounter, I was impressed. I've used Jim exclusively since.  He always promptly fixes my problem whether it is software, hardware, file transfer from an old to a new computer. Nothing is beyond his expertise.  Some years ago, I  accidentally rolled over a piece of carry on luggage which I'd accidentally left behind my car.  Fortunately I'd set it in the middle of the vehicle so it was away from the wheels. This bag contained my laptop and I had a workable laptop with a badly cracked screen. He repaired it good as new, and I used it four (4) more years!! Last night in a mere five (5) minutes, he fixed a problem with my printer  I'd frustratingly tried to resolve the previous day for over 15 hours!! He said this service was a bonus at no charge. I immediately said "NO! You will charge me for at least 15 minutes."

My elderly father (now 93+), living in IL, calls me with his computer troubles. If I can't fix the problem, I ask Jim to remotely help dad. Jim always fixes the problem!!! The worst problem dad had occurred  several years ago when he clicked on a link causing his computer to be hijacked for monetary ransom. Having worked with my dad on his computer via telephone, I marvel at Jim's patience to solve dad's problems.

Having been the Company Tech Support person, I knew the prices various companies typically charge for their services. Jim charges less than half if not more than half of what I saw charged to my employers. If you always use Jim for your technical need, your computer will generally stay trouble free. Using varied technicians may cause systems tweaks the next technician isn't aware of and which may create later unintended problems.

Finally, Jim isn't a typical "computer nerd." He is friendly, personable, patient, available, knowledgeable, unassuming, and the consummate professional. I am pleased to give Jim an unqualified recommendation. NOTE: This is the first testimonial I've ever written, which shows how much I value this man!  :-)

C. Miller

Jim has been my “Go-To” Guy for many years now, and I would like to commend him for the kind of service he provides. 

Jim is professional, knowledgable, and very talented at what he does. I have never had a problem that he couldn’t fix.  He is very patient, and does a great job of explaining things to me in a way that I can understand.

Jim is an expert in his profession, and offers the kind of timely, efficient, and personal service that is rare in today’s business world.  I have come to think of him not only as the solution to my computer  problems, but also as a friend.

I highly recommend you call Jim whenever you need help with your computer.

Thank You, Jim!

A. Shipler

Thank you Jim, you are amazing!!

B. Aragon

Hi Jim,

I just want to thank you for your help & expertise with the work you did for my home office equipment and programs.  You efficiently, patiently and swiftly resolved all!  You are a techno "wizard".  I especially appreciate the clear & concise manner in which you are able to teach me the things I need to know to successfully promote my Executive Rental business here in Fort Collins. 

Many thanks again,

C. Stertz

He ordered a new screen for my laptop, which was broken, and then installed it. Very professional and laptop looks and responds perfectly now. He was true to estimate and repair was done in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Computer Lab.

T. Yarbrough

The computer was locked up with a virus.  He accessed the hard drive from another machine and cleared the virus.  He installed additional virus protection freeware at my request and backup software.  he spent over an hour showing me how to use the new software without charging for that time.

He has very flexable hours and performed the work faster than anyone else I spoke to.  I just dropped off the machine and picked it up when done at times convenient to me (7:00 pm).
C. Mawle

Jim Williamson met and exceeded our expectations.  My HP Pavilion dv5 quite suddenly went from excellent performance to being excruciatingly slow.  Mr. Williamson's passion for fixing computers to his customers' complete satisfaction was evident from the first phone call to saying goodbye after his home visit the next day.  It is obvious that Mr. Williamson is committed to working with his customers every step of the way.  As other reviewers have noted, Jim tutored me through Computer 101 as he got to the root of the problem (in this case, a Kaspersky anti-virus program gone amok).  I am writing this review from that very laptop which is now performing as well as it did when new.  I would not hesitate to refer anyone with computer problems to Jim Williamson at Computer Lab.

Excellent!  We now have our personal IT technician.
M. Hanna

Jim performed a new system set-up and clean up.  Also on 1/29/2011 he made my desktop computer regain access to its CD drive, for which he charged $15.  The work was done in our home with no extra charge for a house call.
Member Comments:

Since first Finding Computer Lab on Angie's List, we have used his services whenever we need help with computer ussues, and we will continue to do so.  He is responsive, available, prompy, skillful, and profrssional.

(Jim Williamson)

B. Liebler

[The below text is an e-mail my client sent to friends, along with a copy sent to me. I asked if I may place a copy onto this testimonials list. Jim]

I do not have any idea about the level of computer competency of any of you to whom I am sending this email, so if you are totally in charge of your machine and never want to tear your hair out while sitting in front of it, just ignore this. 
However, if you are like me and at times make mistakes/choices which cause you problems that you do not know how to solve, read on.......
I heard about this man from a friend who was heaping praise on him and now I am doing that also.   (His business card is attached.)   I had made so many ignorant choices concerning how to manage my computer that it was totally confused and begin (just like a poorly trained dog) to bite me in the ankle.
When I telephoned Jim, he very quickly was able to teach me how to let him access my screen via the net, and then he investigated my system, cleaned up errors, eliminated unnecessary programs and other garbage that I had chosen, out of ignorance,  to allow....including things which may have weakened my security.  He explained each recommendation he made and asked my permission to make changes.  He has turned my machine from a slug into a sleek race-horse and taught me a few things in the process.
If you have a program to manage your finances and are concerned that your private information should stay private, you need not worry.  Jim stays away from that--he does not want to see your financial  information--and since you can see every place he goes in your machine on your monitor, you can see that this is true.
Jim's costs are reasonable.  He charges $1.00 a minute--and he works fast so it is not a wasted $1.00.  In addition he accepts short follow-up calls to clarify related issues at no charge. 
It is true that there is no better advertisement that a satified customer, and I am very pleased with this man's ability and professionalism.  I hope that you will contact him if ever you are as frustated as I was.

J. Guenther

"Bottom line, it all boils down to competence, fair pricing and trust. Computer Lab gets an A+ in each of these categories.

Jim Williamson’s 18 years of experience was the first thing that caught my eye, his pricing policy the second… but he has so much more to offer. As a retired teacher, I appreciate Jim taking the time to explain what he is doing, why he is doing it, informing me of all options available, and giving me practical, cost effective recommendations.

If you are looking for fast, friendly computer service you can trust, I highly recommend that you call Computer Lab."

L. Camomile

"When I read the History part of the website and learned that Jim Williamson came here from Illinois, and by a twist of fate, might have decided to stay there - I shuddered! That was a close call! You know how we're always hearing that Fort Collins is the best place to live in the USA? Now I know why - because Jim is here!"

P. Hartman

"We hired Jim when I worked at Minuteman press to fix a really strange problem. He is tireless and will go above and beyond to figure out problem. He has an amazing knowledge base and if he can't pull it out of his own brain he will find out the answers. He has also helped a friend of mine with her personal computer and did a top notch job. I can always count on Jim to help me when I'm freaking out. Oh! I forgot to mention his customer service is awesome."

G. Adams, via LinkedIn

"Jim Williamson, whom I've known for not quite two years, and who's saved me more times than I can count, is by light years the best tech person I've ever worked with -- and I've worked with many. It's not just his technical acumen (which is off-the-charts), but also his friendliness, his speed, his integrity, his limitless patience in working with you for as long as it takes to get your problem solved.

I guarantee you that you'll never find a more reasonably priced tech on the planet."

R. Harvey

“Jim is a master tradesman for your computer hiccups. He will spend the time that is necessary to inform you of what he is doing, if you want to know, and get the job done. He spent 6 hours working on the office computer and only charged us 129.95, his flat rate new customer promotion. (Can you imagine what Geek squad would have charged) Jim's morals and integrity are second to none, give him a try and experience the pinnacle of computer repair.”

Dr. M. Ullom D.C., via LinkedIn

“Jim installed the infrastructure for our LAN when we moved into a new office. This included running wiring into several different offices. He planned the job well in advance, arrived with all of the right equipment, and thought out-of-the-box to arrive at a great solution when there was a small snag during the installation. He is constantly thinking ahead about potential future expansion, and asks questions that help determine the best solution for today and tomorrow. Jim has also been instrumental in helping us recover data from non-functioning hard drives, suggesting software that has helped us run more efficiently, and in researching ideas and providing multiple cost-effective solutions. Jim is reachable at almost any time, and when there's an emergency, he's worked with us to resolve the issue as fast as possible. His knowledge of the industry has saved us hours and dollars.”

D. Lasker, via LinkedIn

“Clean cut, reliable, tenacious problem solver ! Competitative pricing, friendly and very knowledgeable ! Top shelf operation! Awesome to deal with ! I highly recommend Jim.”

L. Petit, via LinkedIn

"Jim, I was overwhelmed and amazed that you were able to help me after I have tried so many different avenues to recover my lost images and was ready to give up.

I never realized someone could help me remotely. The fact that you could connect to my computer from Colorado made it simple and so very efficient. I appreciate your kindness and the fact that I saved a lot of money (as well as time).

Thank you for saving my summer vacation photos. It was truly a priceless gift!!!!"

J. Cizek

"Jim came to my home and repaired my printer and took off unnecessary programs on both my desktop and my laptop to make them faster. My laptop need a small repair involving a part. He found one for $29 and one for $7. Ultimately, he was able to repair it without a part.

He was thorough, professional, and patient. In addition, he explained everything he was doing in language that I could understand. I highly recommend him."

J. Caufman, via Angie's List

"If Jim can't fix the problem, it's not fixable!"

J. Milner

"I am writing to let you know what a sincere pleasure it is to work with you and the Computer Lab.

Your company understands the meaning of prompt service and has the technical training and knowledge to fix what is really the problem with any system, and is always flexible and open in meeting our schedule and our exact needs.

I have always known that whenever I called the Computer Lab our equipment would be up and running in a very short time and I could expect courteous, professional service. This was not the case with several other companies we have called in the past for repairs and I would never consider calling anyone else again.

We have never hesitated to recommend your company to others and very often do so. And, I have heard only complimentary remarks from them about your work.

We believe the Computer Lab to be the "Best" in the business and we continue to look forward to working with you in the future."

M. Ivey

"We have always received great service and computer related expertise from Jim Williamson."

J. Pick

"Jim has helped me solve computer problems a number of times. I regard him as more of a friend than a technical consultant because of his willingness to go the necessary distance to solve my problems and ensure they stay solved. He has also given me advice on avoiding problems."

J. Ginger

"When opening your business computer network up to a computer consultant, it is most important that you have trust in that individual. You must first of all trust that he is confidential in his business dealings. Secondly, you must trust that he is honest in his business dealings. And thirdly, you must trust that he is competent in his profession.

Jim Williamson of The Computer Lab is a pleasure to work with because of his trustworthiness. For the peace of mind that comes with an efficiently running computer network, I highly recommend The Computer Lab."

M. Bachmann

"Jim knows his IT, and he does professional work."

R. Schwartz

I wish to thank those listed above for their testimonials. While I appreciate the kind words, the comments ultimately help all interested persons with an honest and accurate representation of the work I accomplish.

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